Check in the Development tab under Harmony for new restaurants - the Launch Pad and the new Clubhouse both operating at the Michelson Golf course - check details for hours and reservations.
Also there will be a new coffee shop/lunch counter opening in November in Harmony in a small strip mall SW of the lake. Further details to follow as available.
Springbank Recycling Depot
The new home for the Depot is 100 Commercial Drive in Commercial Court. The updated hours are Wednesday 11am to 7pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm. The site has seasonal limitations in place.   The new site will accept small branches and yard clippings in season (for residential drop off only - no Commercial).
Please support our advertisers and Area businesses, especially during this COVID19 recovery period. 


Springbank Community Association Updates


There is so much to be thankful for living in Springbank, including this Fall we have been experiencing!

The recent “super harvest full moon” over Brushy Ridge.

 We feel our role as the Springbank Community Association Board is to be community builders and advocates.

As “builders”, our 3rd  Annual Community Raffle is live! The bulk of the proceeds will go to the SCHS phys ed students
who are woefully lacking in basic equipment. Scroll this issue to see a video of their equipment room.

As “advocates”, we are very focussed on what happened at the recent meeting of RVC’s Recreation Governance Committee
on September 27. You may have read an article in the latest Rocky View Weekly. We are very disappointed, to say the least,
with outcomes of this meeting for our community. We do not support what administration has proposed regarding recreation
funding, the South Springbank Community facility and the SR1 recreation reserve fund policy. We want these motions and
plans to be revisited before it’s too late and tax money is wasted.

It is very important for our councillors to know your views. Even if you don’t plan to use a Springbank facility, you should be
concerned about how RVC is spending your money on a facility that doesn’t really fit the community or a facility that can’t
possibly get off the ground because of faulty policy.

So grab a coffee (or wine depending on when you are reading this) and scroll to view our stances on the issues. If you agree
or disagree with us, let us know! We have provided a link to view our presentation to the Recreation Governance Committee  

(Note that the timestamps are hour:minute:seconds below).  As well, this is a full newsletter of community events so see what
groups have to offer.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Community Raffle

Hey Springbank, let’s help our amazing public school improve equipment in the Phys Ed department.   To see where the money will go, watch this virtual tour by SCHS Carol Smith and Tyler Mcrae.  Our SCHS kids will be out in the community selling tickets!  

Annual General Meeting for the Springbank Community Association

When Wed Nov 22, 2023 7pm – 8:30pm (MST)
Where Springbank Links Golf Club, 125 Hackamore Trail, Calgary, AB T3Z 1C2

Recreation -  SR1 Funds

Rocky View County is creating a policy to use the $10M in SR1 compensation funds and we think that our community should have a say!  We learned at Council in January that $2.2M of the SR1 funds were used to acquire the land next to the Park For All Seasons.  So far, we have no information on future plans for the land. 

Our thoughts on the funds were captured by Rocky View Weekly  The SCA wants to make sure that this money is used wisely, which includes exploring opportunities for matching grants and the creation of an endowment fund.  This money could turn into $20-30 million if used properly. Unfortunately, the money spent on the land does not appear to have been eligible to be used for matching funds, which is a tremendous lost opportunity in our view.  
We also believe the SR1 funds should be used for projects outside those that should be funded by regular tax dollars (for instance, both Langdon and Springbank recreation facilities are included in the Recreation Master Plan). This is an exceptional situation - and opportunity - to create legacy infrastructure and lasting benefits in the greater Springbank Community to balance the lasting environmental and health risks of SR1.  
Springbank Community Centre
RVC administration is working internally to determine servicing needs for the 74 acre parcel that will be home to the new community centre.  In our view, there are two decisions that need to be made & RVC needs to recognize that these decisions are connected:

The 74 acres purchased (next to SFPAS) with SR1 money (next to SFPAS) requires site plan:

  • We have expressed to RVC that they need to consult with the community on the planning of the 74 acres purchased with the SR1 money. 
  • There is an opportunity to improve parking, roads and access at SCHS and SPFAS by recognizing the interconnected nature of the 74 acres with the existing infrastructure at the
    corner of RR33 and Springbank Road.  
  • We need to think creatively about opportunities at this location, including how SPFAS, SCHS and the new community centre can share operations, space and programming. 

The community centre project needs to reset with additional community engagement and more detailed planning:

  • The Project proposed by RVC administration does not quite hit the mark for what we need in Springbank (read proposal)
  • Ultimately, we want our community to have an economically viable new community centre that will be a central hub for all ages and abilities - all year round! If you have ideas that
    should be considered, please email us.
  • RVC needs to acknowledge that there are 2000 children on RR33 for 10 months of the year and these kids need before and after school care and programs.  We know after-school
    care for parents is a pressing issue.  
  • Springbank residents have no indoor spaces to recreate within the community - a walking track and gymnasium have been at the top of every single RVC survey and the extensive
    community. Yet, the RVC consultant did not even run the economics for a gymnasium despite requests to do so from the SCA. 
  • We continue to challenge our area councillors and RVC to either have improved engagement with the community or support the Community Association in our efforts to engage the


Access to Calgary from Springbank ia now via Springbank Road/Old Banff Coach Road or a loop via Lower Springbank Road to 17 Ave SW until the Stoney Trail SW ring road opens.


Springbank Barnwood Reclamation project

If you are looking for reclaimed Barnwood for your project(s) you need to look no further than our own back yard. This not for profit fundraiser is solving our farmer's and rancher's problems with derelict structures by "disassembling" them and making the historical wood/materials available at a low cost to all.  Please Call Ian at 403-630-3650 for details. We also have Barnwood Picnic Tables available at $195 each.


KOAC - Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre - check under the Local News Tab for details.