Check in the Development tab under Harmony for new restaurants - the Launch Pad and the new Clubhouse both operating at the Michelson Golf course - check details for hours and reservations.
Also there will be a new coffee shop/lunch counter opening in March in Harmony in a small strip mall SW of the lake. Further details to follow as available.
Springbank Recycling Depot
The new home for the Depot is 100 Commercial Drive in Commercial Court. The updated hours are Wednesday 9:30am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm. The site has seasonal limitations in place.   The new site will accept small branches and yard clippings in season (for residential drop off only - no Commercial).
Please support our advertisers and Area businesses, especially during this COVID19 recovery period. 


Springbank Community Association Updates


What a month! Our weather hasn’t reflected it until now, many homes and businesses are showing the seasonal spirit! Thanks to everyone who bought tickets for the raffle and the wonderful sponsors who provided the great prizes. Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks as well to everyone who came to our AGM. If you were there, you know we unveiled a new logo which we are very excited about. Thank you to Mark Kamachi for reworking our logo which he originally designed. Watch for further information regarding our amalgamation with “”.

We also discussed the planned South Springbank facility at the meeting and will continue to reach out to residents regarding the needs and wants of the community and how they should be reflected in this facility. We are encouraging open communication between RVC staff, councillors and residents to make sure the project fits our community.

We were taken aback by the Nov. 28 Rocky View Weekly article connecting a comment of our councillor and Deputy Reeve, Don Kochan, with the Springbank Community Association so we reached out to him to clarify the newspaper’s reporting. We learned that Mr. Kochan was not referencing the SCA and the newspaper had incorrectly leapt to that conclusion. This shows the importance of open dialogue and we welcome more opportunities to get this facility right with Rocky View County so that there are no misunderstandings.

Scroll this issue to see all the fun activities around the holidays and plan for the new year. 

The Springbank Community Association wishes you all the best of the holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Community Association Happenings

Annual General Meeting
Minutes from the Annual General Meeting are now available. Take a look at our year in review.
Welcome back to our Board members:

  • i. Karin Hunter - Term expires 2024 AGM
  • ii. Al Schmidt - Term expires 2024 AGM
  • iii. Ian Galbraith  - Term expires 2024 AGM
  • iv. Terry Dowsett  - Term expires 2024 AGM
  • v. Jan Erisman - Term expires 2024 AGM
  • vi. Lynn Munro - Term expires 2024 AGM
  • vii. Stu Pritchard - Term expires 2025 AGM
  • viii. Ronda Rankin - Term expires 2025 AGM
  • ix. OPEN - Expires 2024

Rocky View has unveiled a website for the proposed community centre.

For the record - the SCA has serious concerns about the scope of the project and its components, the requirement for community funding and the overall community engagement process.  We have expressed our concerns repeatedly - to administration directly, Councillors Kochan and Hanson and the new interim CAO at RVC on November 3, 2023. 

There is no doubt that the community is looking for additional before and after school care and programming, recreation spaces including gymnasiums, indoor track and fitness spaces.  None of these elements are as yet included in the proposed facility. 

We view that the process has been incredibly “TOP DOWN”, with RVC administration directing the project with a general lack of interest to hear any feedback contrary to their recommendation.   The SCA has attempted - time and time again - to engage with RVC administration without success. On December 6, SPFAS appeared before the Recreation Governance Committee a proposal for a gymnasium complex on their existing lands

The SCA expressed its support to SPFAS for their proposal as we believe that SPFAS is a logical operator of recreation amenities and we know that the community’s desire for a gymnasium is significant. We believe strongly that the best ideas will come from within Springbank, its residents and organizations. 

It is time for a new voice to step forward from the Springbank to represent the community on the proposed facility!  We need a leader in Springbank to work with stakeholders including SPFAS, RVC, RVS and other groups to ensure that the facility is what Springbank needs:

Rocky View County Updates

Springbank Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

Read about the plan.

From the County - On December 13, 2022, Council approved the MDP Review Project Terms of Reference.  The project consists of four phases and must be adopted by August 15, 2025. 
Springbank Area Structure Plans
Read more

Link to summary of community feedback  
Petro Canada
The results of our community engagement are here.

We will share the results with our councillors and planning at RVC.

Springbank Barnwood Reclamation project

If you are looking for reclaimed Barnwood for your project(s) you need to look no further than our own back yard. This not for profit fundraiser is solving our farmer's and rancher's problems with derelict structures by "disassembling" them and making the historical wood/materials available at a low cost to all.  Please Call Ian at 403-630-3650 for details. We also have Barnwood Picnic Tables available at $195 each.


KOAC - Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre - check under the Local News Tab for details.