October 13th, 2019
 | Calgary, Alberta

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Rural Crime Watch

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Rural Crime Watch Update October, 2019


The Best Rural Crime Watch Practice is …….. 


What is the most critical thing to do to prevent rural crime?  This message focuses on one. Look for suspicious activity. 


We live in a very beautiful, peaceful, secure area west of Calgary. Stories of generations past affirm this. We intend to continue making the best community possible. And we experience thieves looking for ‘opportunities’. Usually thieves check out opportunities by scouting through the windshield for likely targets with items of value and minimal resistance.  If we can identify the thieves while they are scouting, we may avoid a theft and provide information leading to an arrest. 


What is suspicious activity? How do we check it out? What do we do with the information?  Who do we contact and how? Following are some of my experiences from the past two years in Central Springbank. 


A SUV is parked on the roadway near the entrance to a rural property. The licence is expired and there is an Alaska plate on the front.  Most rural drivers park in the residence yard. A call to the closest residence yields no results. What to do? 


A 4x4 truck is parked in the hidden area beside the telephone switching station at dusk. There have been recent reports of stolen copper and batteries. The vehicle is running. Two male occupants.  A picture is taken of the licence. What next? 


An older ¾ ton is abandoned on the roadside near the SPFAS. One tire is torn to the rim. No activity for 12 hours. No items in the cab. There was a recent incident of persons barging in to properties along RR 33.  Pictures taken. Who to call? 


A motorhome is parked on secluded road near residences at 11pm. No vehicle or marker lights. No light or movement inside the unit. Licence is out-of-province. It is in an area where three years ago, a beater vehicle was dropped before theft of a resident’s vehicle from the driveway. Licence picture taken. 


A dark SUV travels very very slowly down a minor artery. The driver is alone and wearing sunglasses.  The vehicle is seen two hours later on an approach with the licence facing the field. How to check out further? 


We are all likely to encounter similar situations. If we really pay attention to what is normal, we see things that are worth noting. Is further investigation possible, timely, and safe?  Sometimes the curious helpful approach yields solid information. Sometimes not. Would-be intruders usually scurry off if they are identifiable by description or photo. Sometimes our instincts should deter our investigation.   


Have a discussion with your family of these examples and questions, or those from your own experience. Be prepared and willing to look out for suspicious activity. It is effective and makes a difference to you, your family and our community. 


Jim Willson  Rural Crime Watch     




The site has been around for over a decade now and is currently being updated and revised to better reflect the Springbank area and its broad and varied community. We plan on adding Facebook to the site, as well as building a complete listing of area services and businesses, along with public interest articles, local history, and upcoming events. The site also allows for personal adds, and is meant to complement the SPFAS site and recreational activities now covered. We invite your input/comments as we go forward in helping to build our great community!


Ian Galbraith & Cindy Turner
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