August 15th, 2022
 | Calgary, Alberta

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Weird Alberta Laws

I’ve been writing about some fairly heavy crime and crime prevention topics lately, so I thought I’d take a short summer reprieve and find something on the lighter side. Since we are well into summer now and people may be into new activities, I wanted to make sure you didn’t run afoul of the local constabulary by breaking these little-known laws. (These are taken from various websites that are too numerous to mention so I have not listed them.)

In Edmonton, the production of any “generally offensive odours” is punishable by law. Apparently, this applies to people. “Sorry, you didn’t pass the smell test.” The jails must be full in Edmonton! While this is not always a summertime activity (but you can’t rule it out), in Drayton Valley it is illegal to throw a snowball within city limits. This is also the law in Calgary although it’s okay if you get a permit or receive express permission from the mayor.

Also in Calgary, according to bylaw 54M2006, it is not lawful for a person to “stand or put his feet on the top or surface of any table, bench, planter or sculpture placed in any public place”. OUNTS So, dancing on the tables during Stampede TO is a no-no? Darn, that was so much fun. In Wetaskiwin, it is illegal to spit on anyone’s property but your own. If you’re caught ejecting any substance from your mouth on any property that isn’t yours, you’ll find yourself in trouble with the law.

Province-wide, in Alberta it is illegal to own a pet rat. I wonder if that is why certain federal politicians don’t visit, or stay very long if they do.

Elections Alberta has a very “sophisticated” way to determine the winner of an election in the case of a tie. If, after counting the votes, there is a tie, the Returning Officer writes the names of each candidate on a separate piece of paper and puts them in a hat. Then a name is drawn, and that person is declared the winner. In the past this process produced an Edson city councillor, and two councillors for Red Deer County.

Profanity is considered so offensive in Jasper that since 2005, it’s been punishable under law to swear in public. _____! I gotta be careful of this one.

Also in Jasper, it is illegal to spend the night in an RV within town limits. And if you get caught and start swearing at the officer writing you a ticket, well, see above.


Many Canadians often get rid of excess change by using it to pay for chocolate bars at the nearest gas station. However, paying for purchases with a lot of coins is prohibited. According to the Canadian government, you are allowed to use only 25 loonies and 5 coins of 25 cents each. So, if you are thinking of paying C$30 for food in loonies, be aware that it’s actually illegal across the country.

With the price of gas these days you may be tempted to ride your horse instead. On city streets in Calgary, that’s perfectly acceptable with a few exceptions. What will get you in trouble however is not cleaning up after your horse! I wonder if that applies to the city’s mounted police patrol. “Excuse me pardner, I have to stop and pick up my horse’s dodo.”

And it sounds like it’s okay to ride your horse in Edmonton too. Just not on the sidewalk. Edmonton is so far ahead of Calgary in this regard. Hey, gotta give credit where credit’s due.
However, I believe Toronto takes the prize. It’s illegal to Drag a Dead Horse Along the Street. You may think that this law is completely made up, but the regional police in York have confirmed that it is illegal to drag a dead horse along Yonge Street in Toronto. However, what makes this law even stranger is that it is illegal to do this only on Sundays. This means that if you want to drag a dead horse on Monday, feel free. I guess that was quite a problem in Toronto at one time.

I hope you had at least one laugh, but don’t say you haven’t been warned. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. However, back to today’s reality. Summer is a great time for thieves as stuff is left out, doors and windows left open, and people are away on vacation. Stay vigilant, and remember to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. If you see something, Observe, Record and Report it to your local RCMP detachment. 

Have a great summer!

Dave Schroeder
HCRCWA Board Member



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