October 24th, 2020
 | Calgary, Alberta

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High Country News

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Rural Crime Watch

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Rural Crime Watch Message – July 2020


Thefts continue in our rural communities. Many methods apply to all residents. Scams, phishing, fraud
schemes target anyone that is not wary. Prevalent are thefts and frauds resulting from online selling or
buying of used items. Or new ones too.

The internet provides wide exposure to many items and people for commerce. We can post small or
large items wanted or for sale. Often there are many responses and our task begins to sort what to
follow up. And what to ignore. Following are links to several resources.




Underlying principles. “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is not true”. “Be trusting and verify”.

Our trusting way of life has disappeared, as we no longer interact with entirely people we know. We
need to continue our rural values being friendly, open and helping while balanced with being wary,
informed and assertive.

Be safe. Jim Willson


Kim’s comment: If you have an alarm system that texts you alerts (text; email) on things like fire; glass breakage; door opening or motion, but your system isn’t technically “monitored by an outside company” you may still qualify for having a monitored system – since you’re the one monitoring. Some insurance companies now consider this to be monitored. Not only could this save you on insurance costs, but also on monitoring costs. Check with your company.   




The site has been around for over a decade now and is currently being updated and revised to better reflect the Springbank area and its broad and varied community. We plan on adding Facebook to the site, as well as building a complete listing of area services and businesses, along with public interest articles, local history, and upcoming events. The site also allows for personal adds, and is meant to complement the SPFAS site and recreational activities now covered. We invite your input/comments as we go forward in helping to build our great community!


Ian Galbraith & Cindy Turner
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.