October 23rd, 2018
 | Calgary, Alberta

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Ward 5 - Judi Hunter


Judi Hunter, Trustee for Ward 5, is serving her first term as trustee. Ward 5 represents schools in Springbank, Bearspaw, Bragg Creek, Westbrook and rural Cochrane. Civic duty and community contribution are important to Judi, and she sees herself as an advocate for public education. She has been active in the Springbank community for several years, most recently coaching soccer. Previously, she was also active in politics, coached debate clubs and involved in public speaking for youth. She completed a Bachelor of Education and Master of Education and was a former principal with the Calgary Board of Education. Judi has been married for 50 years and has eight grandchildren attending schools in Rocky View. Her interests lie with sports, her family, travel and learning – nothing gives her more pleasure than to see someone learning.


Update Report

SEPTEMBER, 2019 NEWSLETTER from Trustee Hunter


I trust everyone had a fabulous summer break, the weather was super and summer is such a good time
to reconnect with family and friends. As we head back to school, I have seen parents and children out
buying new clothes, school supplies and getting their heads around the early mornings and changes in

Rocky View administration has been busy as well, a flood at Prince of Peace School necessitated the
moving of resources to try to get the building ready for September opening. When that was not a
possibility, administration had to find an alternative site. The Board was thankful to both the Calgary
Public and Separate School Systems willingness to accommodate our students until the school is ready.
Our thanks go out to the staff who was more than willing to do whatever to ensure a smooth opening
for students.

Minister of Education Eggen has put out some new regulations for private schools and Early Childhood
School. Essentially the focus is to have more financial accounting around those programs. The
government also focussed on the importance of School Councils and the need for each school to have
one and the efforts that will be made to ensure that every school has one.

The Springbank Fall Fair was a success and Rocky View Schools had both with tried to encourage School
Council participation.

Some websites that will be of interest:
The following is a great website for information relating to anxiety

It offers videos that kids may identify with and advise on how to cope with anxiety.

Please visit this website to get the full report on the most recent findings on young people and social

Just a community update. The Springbank Community Association is sponsoring a Family Movie Night in
conjunction with Calaway Park, September 14, 2018 at 5:00 pm. The cost is $6.00 and includes movie,
hot dog, popcorn and a drink. This is a private event for the community.

Also the Community Association is in the process of developing programs for children. Please look for
information on the Springbankcommunity.com website. Your Community Association is working hard to
create a community space which would include a least on gymnasium. Springbank Park for All Seasons
in conjunctions with sponsors and Rockyview School Board has upgraded the football field at Springbank
Community High School.


Further community information, there continues to be push back from residents around the damming of
Springbank. This is NOT a normal dam, but rather a dry dam which is comprised of an eight (8) story
berm and a mud run off the size of 60 Calgary Zoos. A dry damn has never been built before in Canada
and no like damns world-wide have been built since the 1930s. Please check out information at

The Lions Hall had to be demolished as it was deemed unsafe.



Springbank Community High School (9-12 English & FI)

School:              Springbank Community High School
Address:           32226 Springbank Road
Community:     Springbank
City:                   Calgary 
Postal Code:     T3Z-2L9 
Phone:               403-246-4771                                               
Grades:              High School
Population:       750
Contacts:          Title:       Principal
                            Name:    Jeff Chalmers  
                            Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website:           www.springhs.rockyview.ab.ca

Springbank Middle School (5-8 English & FI)

School:              Springbank Middle School
Address:           244235 Range Road 33
Community:     Springbank
City:                   Calgary 
Postal Code:     T3Z-2E8 
Phone:               403-242-4456                                               
Grades:              Middle School
Population:       552
Contacts:          Title:       Principal
                            Name:    Darrell Lonsberry  
                            Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Website:         http://springmd.rockyview.ab.ca

École Elbow Valley Elementary (K-4 English & FI)

School:               École Elbow Valley Elementary
Address:           244209 Range Road 33
Community:     Springbank
City:                   Calgary 
Postal Code:     T3Z-2E9 
Phone:               403-242-1117                                               
Fax:                    403-247-7666                                               
Grades:              K-4
Population:       615
Contacts:          Title:       Principal
                            Name:    Lindsay Adams

Email:                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.             
Website:           http://evalley.rockview.ab.ca



Edge School 

School:              Edge School
Address:           33055 Township Road 250
Community:     Springbank
City:                   Calgary 
Postal Code:     T3Z 1L4
Phone:               403-246-6432                                               
Fax:                    403-217-8463 
Grades:             5-12
Contacts:         Title:       Principal/CEO
                           Name:    Cam Hodgson

                           Title:       Assistant Principal
                           Name:    Keith Taylor

Email:               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Website:          http://www.edgeschool.com

Springbank Playschool Association 

School:              Springbank Playschool
Address:           C32224 Springbank Road
                           (2nd floor of the Springbank Park for all Seasons)
Community:     Springbank
City:                   Calgary 
Postal Code:     T3Z-2L9 
Phone:               403-240-9248                                               
Grades:              3 & 4 year olds

 Website:         http://www.springbankplayschool.ca/