December 9th, 2022
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Miranda Rosin - MLA

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Constituency Office
206, 1080 Railway Avenue
Canmore, AB T1W 1P4
Phone: 403.609.4509
Fax: 403.609.4513
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Satellite Office
PO Box 313
#226 - 7 Balsam Avenue
Bragg Creek, AB T0L 0K0
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Legislature Office
503C Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6
Phone: 780.643.1027
Fax: 780.638.3506
"Miranda Rosin is the United Conservative MLA for the provincial constituency of Banff-Kananaskis, representing approximately 48,000 people.  Miranda sits on the Legislative Committees of Public Accounts and Resource Stewardship.  Miranda was also appointed to the province’s Fair Deal Panel by Premier Jason Kenney.  Prior to politics, Miranda worked in marketing and market development.  Miranda holds her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with majors in marketing and international business from the University of Regina in conjunction with the Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce. “




On October 21st Premier Smith announced her new leadership team including Miranda Rosin, MLA for Banff- Kananaskis as Parliamentary Secretary of Tourism for the Government of Alberta. Over the past three years, Rosin has worked tirelessly in support of Alberta’s tourism industry. She has used her role as an MLA to advocate not only for her home constituency of Banff-Kananaskis, an internationally renowned tourism destination, but broadly for the industry all across Alberta.

During her initial meeting with Premier Smith following Smith’s UCP leadership election victory, Rosin’s primary focus was on the growth and vitality of the tourism industry all across Alberta. The conversation, led by Rosin, centered around the immense potential for recreational tourism on Alberta’s Crown Lands, funding for Travel Alberta, the need for continued red tape reduction on tourism leaseholds, and better configuration of the Kananaskis Conservation Pass. This conversation demonstrated MLA Rosin’s comprehension of and commitment to the tourism industry, and helped secure her position as Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism.

Parliamentary Secretaries work as key representatives of their respective portfolios. MLA Rosin will work closely with the Minister of Forestry, Parks and Tourism to champion the Government’s policy development, legislation, stakeholder engagement, committee leadership, and issues management with regards to tourism. The role requires extensive knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industries.

Pre-pandemic, tourism expenditures in Alberta peaked above $10 billion, with over 34 million visitors. The industry contributed $8.4 billion to provincial GDP and over 82,000 full time jobs to Alberta’s economy. Alberta’s tourism industry shows the rest of the world what Albertans already knew: this province is the most beautiful place on earth to visit, explore, and enjoy. “There are few places on planet earth to whom a thriving tourism economy comes more naturally than our beautiful province of Alberta. From the northern lights of the Peace Country, to the badlands of Central Alberta, to our majestic Rocky Mountains, our province has immeasurable potential. I look forward to working with Minister Loewen, Travel Alberta, the Tourism Industry Association of Alberta, industry partners, and our province’s many entrepreneurs, to strengthen that which our tourism and hospitality sectors already do best, and further improve, grow, and diversify the industry where there is opportunity to do so.”

– Miranda Rosin, MLA for Banff- Kananaskis and Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism 

“Alberta’s tourism industry and visitor economy are a very important part of Alberta’s economy. I’m excited that Miranda Rosin has agreed to serve Albertans as the Parliamentary Secretary of Tourism. Her knowledge of and excitement for Alberta’s tourism sector are two key reasons that I chose her for this role.” – Hon. Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta


John Barlow - MP




Canada is facing a crisis of our economy and our unity. It is time for government to stop dividing, stop picking winners and losers and be a unifying force.

What can unify Canadians is a common cause and showing the world our country wants to play a critical role on the global stage especially regarding energy and food security.

Canada has a wealth of oil and gas. Our energy sector contributes more than 10% of our nominal GDP. We should all be proud of those who work in our energy sector and provide clean,
environmentally responsible energy that respects human rights. We should strive for energy independence by getting ethical Canadian oil in all our refineries, not importing oil from despots and dictators.

It can be done if we stop pulling against each other and start working together.

One sector does not have to lose for another to win. As Canadians, we should be proud of all our industries: the auto sector in Ontario, fisheries in Atlantic Canada, agriculture in the Prairies and forestry in B.C.

At the same time, we are in the midst of a global food crisis. The Liberals are increasing the cost of groceries by hiking the carbon tax, putting a tariff on fertilizer and burdening Canadian farm families with red tape. Canada is the only country with a government, in a food security crisis, raising taxes on farmers and asking consumers to pay more.

Instead of the government offering relief to Canadians when they need it most, the Prime Minister is travelling around the world with no mask in sight when he thinks the cameras are turned off, while here at home he is punishing Canadians with his draconian mandates and travel restrictions, which are not in place in counties around the world.

The division has also added to the isolation and mental health crisis this country is facing. This is an area that should be beyond partisan politics because all families have seen the impacts the pandemic has had on mental health and wellness. We have seen this in higher depression rates in young people, high rates of suicide and addictions and eating disorders.

The Liberals are pushing forward with their reckless activist agenda while the Conservatives offer real solutions such as exempting the carbon tax from farm fuels, removing the GST on gas and diesel, and ending the travel restrictions.

Across the country, there are challenges, but there are also incredible opportunities. Canada is blessed with an abundance of resources and talented people. Canada is still the land of opportunity – let us never lose sight of that fact.

For the good of the country, to reach our full potential, we must stop tearing each other down and work together to get things done. Together we can once again be the country of big ideas and even bigger dreams when we complete nation building initiatives like an energy corridor. We need to put an end to the divisive rhetoric and policies stigmatizing Canadians. We need to bring our neighbours together in the spirit of what it means to be Canadian – proud, strong and free.

I am proud of our country and I am here to stand up not only for Canada, but the constituents of Foothills. Working together we can forge a vision for Canada focused on prosperity and
affordability, on an economic recovery, on ending the divisive mandates, on improving our mental health and unity.

I still believe in Canada. I believe in my country.

John Barlow
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Blake Richards, MP

Blake Richards photo

First elected in 2008, Blake Richards was re-elected for a third time in the new ridingFirst elected in 2008, Blake Richards was re-elected for a third time in the new ridingof Banff-Airdrie on October 19, 2015.Blake serves as the Official Opposition Shadow Minister Democratic Institutionsand for Tourism.While serving on the government side of the House of Commons, Blake chaired twostanding policy committees and was Chair of the Parliamentary Tourism Caucus. Healso frequently represented the government in regional and national media.Always focused on the needs of his constituents, Blake has three times been namedCanada’s Best Constituency MP as well as Hardest Working MP, and in 2015received a Canadian Tourism Award for his work in Parliament on behalf of thetourism industry.


Constituency Contact Information

Airdrie Constituency Office


16-620 1st Avenue NW

Airdrie, Alberta

T4B 2R3

Phone Number: 403-948- 5103 or Toll Free at 1-800- 667-0410

Fax Number: 403-948- 0879

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Parliament Hill Office

Contact Information


House of Commons

Ottawa, ON

K1A 0A6

Phone Number: 613-996- 5152

Fax Number: 613-947- 4601
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Community Office Hours

The first Thursday of every month at the following locations:

–      Canmore, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Civic Centre, located at 902-7 th Avenue

–      Banff, 12 noon to 1 p.m. at the Rundlestone Lodge, located at 537 Banff Avenue

–      Cochrane, 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Cochrane Dodge, located at 6 River Heights Drive


Rocky View Councillors

Division 1: 

Kevin Hanson


Elbow Valley, Springbank
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Boards & Committees

  • Bragg Creek FireSmart Committee - Chair
  • Calgary Metropolitan Region Board
  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Municipal Planning Commission – Chair
  • Recreation Governance Committee
  • Rocky View Foundation
  • Spray Lake Sawmills Recreation Parks Society
  • Springbank Park for All Seasons Agricultural Society




October 25 is Organization Meeting

This is the annual meeting where Council selects from amongst themselves for our various leadership, board, and committee roles. It gives Council a chance to review the past year with a critical eye, and make adjustments and tweaks that allow each Councillor to contribute in roles where they have specific interest and/or capability to govern, or want to develop further in their leadership.

We also place community members into board and committee positions. Last year saw some unfilled spots due to insufficient interest or volunteerism from the community. This year
Administration was directed to cast a wider net. Hopefully, we were able to attract a larger slate of candidates from which Council will choose and place into various board and committee vacancies.

Council Priorities Update

The County has eight strategic objectives currently defined as:

  • Create a culture of customer service
  • Enhance transparency and communication
  • Expand community service delivery
  • Embrace partnerships
  • Strengthen our financial resiliency
  • Increase awareness of the County’s financial risk tolerance
  • Ensure competitive engineering standards
  • Guide the County’s growth pattern

Which together define long-term goals for the community over the next 15 to 20 years. This past spring, during a facilitated workshop, Council determined nine top priorities that were
relevant and aspirational in three strategic areas, and that we would focus on immediately:

Service Excellence

  • Governance improvement
  • Strategy refresh
  • Service capacity review
  • Organizational excellence strategy

Financial Health

  • Long-term financial forecast
  • “Soft” levies bylaw

Responsible Growth

  • Solar farms on agricultural land strategy
  • Area structure plan updates
  • Economic development strategy

Further, our focus regarding advocacy efforts was confirmed as:

  • CMRB relations
  • First Nations relations

And important priorities to consider “next” included:

  • Asset management plan/policy
  • Agriculture land use strategy
  • MDP/LUB review
  • Potable water strategy
  • Utility model
  • CMRB Growth Plan implications
  • Virtual County Hall
  • Recreation cost sharing and business plans
  • Development application analysis checklist
  • Subtrade services review
  • Advocacy strategy

I believe CAO Wandzura has raised the bar for executing strategic administrative projects and delivering results. Project Charters were created for each of the priority projects that defined key dimensions such as:

  • Project objectives
  • Project milestones and activities
  • Resourcing requirements both in-house and for-hire
  • Measurement of outcomes

Furthermore, to enable achieving the outcomes in the timeframe Council expects, the CAO provided Council with a $1.34 M price tag on the project work (mostly resourcing), of which $0.31

M was internally reallocated within this year’s budget, which left $1.03 M to come from the County’s Tax Stabilization Reserve as approved by resolution of Council on July 26th.

Utility Rates Seasonality

I informed the Executive Team that I will be bringing forward a notice of motion this fall to have Administration explore options for Council to consider a seasonality component in our water and wastewater rates schedules. As climate change and drought continue to challenge Western Canada, summer usage of water can vary significantly compared to winter usage and this is metered. There is not as much seasonal variation in wastewater usage, which is not metered. NOT having a single blanket factor relating the two rates could be a fairer “pay per use” system for utility rate payers across Rocky View. Master Rates are set in the spring, prior to finalizing tax rates.

Please e-mail me if you would like to be added to my contact list for e-mail and on-line communications – Kevin.Hanson@RockyView. ca or call 403.463.1166.


Division 2 - Don Kochan


Division 2: Don Kochan
Mayor (2021-2023)
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Boards & Committees

  • Calgary Metropolitan Region Board - Alternate
  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Intermunicipal Committee - City of Calgary
  • Intermunicipal Committee - Cochrane
  • Municipal Planning Commission
  • Recreation Governance Committee



Don Kochan – Mayor, Division 2 


Hi everyone,

Following is an update on Council matters for your use:

Springbank Area Structure Plan (ASP): Administration provided an update to Council on the status of the proposed new Springbank ASP. You can expect an Engagement Summary Report of the communities’ feedback that was provided thus far through the various feedback sessions. The next steps would be to prepare a draft ASP and then further engage the community to ensure we have interpreted the communities’ feedback properly. After the feedback sessions are complete and revised ASP will be developed and put forward for a public hearing before proceeding for the bylaw readings.

For project updates and all background materials, please visit:

Springbank Off stream Reservoir (SR1): The Joint Land Use Committee that has been established regarding the land use planning of the area has been working towards proposing
various recreational needs that could be incorporated into the SR1 project. Membership of the committee consists of the Springbank Planning Association (SPA), Springbank Community
Association (SCA), Springbank Trails and Pathways Association (STAPA), local ranchers, Indigenous group representation, and Rocky View administration. One of the initiatives for the
committee is to explore and advocate for the construction of a north south pathway connection along RR 40 in order to provide for a safe active transportation corridor. Administration is
planning on providing a progress report on the committees work to Council by the end of February.

New Virtual Services Available: Just a reminder to take advantage of Rocky View’s online customer service portal The new portal makes County services, previously only available in-person or by telephone, more accessible and convenient for residents. The new portal requires residents to create an account to access the following county services online:

  • Property assessment information
  • Property tax payments and balances
  • Tax certificates
  • Utility payments, balances, and billing history
  • Mortgage holdings

Residents can visit to sign up and get started.

School Speed Limit Signage: You may have noticed a change in signage for speed limits on RR33 and Springbank Road. This was initiated through an independent engineering report that was submitted to the County relating to the school zones along Range Road 33 and Springbank Road. The analysis identified areas of concern for the school zones in regards to current Alberta Transportation standards.

The County reviewed the report and confirmed the following additions/ measures were necessary to align with Alberta Transportation standards.

The following was implemented:

  • Day and time signs indicating when the school zone is in effect were changed to a full sized sign rather than tab size sign for improved visuals for motorists.
  • 30 km speed sign was changed from a tab sized sign to a full size sign for improved visuals.
  • A speed reduction zone was added in all directions prior to entering the school zone allowing motorists the time and space for a gradual speed reduction from, 80km/h to
    60km/h to 30km/h, rather than 80km/h down to 30km/h.

There has been no change to the school zones only changes to improve awareness of the zones themselves

Governance Committee: Rocky View County (RVC) council has approved the establishment of a Governance Committee to help Councilors better manage public meeting times, and to provide a venue for more in-depth discussions with County staff on questions of governance outside of regular bi-weekly council gatherings. Decision-making would stay in the purview of the regular, bi-weekly council meetings

The Governance Committee is made up of Councilors and is expected to meet monthly starting in January 2023.

Don Kochan
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Don Kochan
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.