December 7th, 2021
 | Calgary, Alberta

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Miranda Rosin - MLA

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"Miranda Rosin is the United Conservative MLA for the provincial constituency of Banff-Kananaskis, representing approximately 48,000 people.  Miranda sits on the Legislative Committees of Public Accounts and Resource Stewardship.  Miranda was also appointed to the province’s Fair Deal Panel by Premier Jason Kenney.  Prior to politics, Miranda worked in marketing and market development.  Miranda holds her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with majors in marketing and international business from the University of Regina in conjunction with the Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce. “




“Should section 36(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982 – Parliament and the government of Canada’s commitment the principle of making equalization payments – be removed from the [Canadian] constitution?”

According to Albertans, the answer to that question when posed on the municipal election ballot last month was an unequivocal yes. On October 18th through provincial referendum, Albertans gave our government a decisive mandate to pursue efforts to cease sending hard-earned taxpayer money to those in our country who work actively against our economic and cultural interests.

Albertans voted against equalization. The only mention of equalization in the Constitution Act of 1982 is Section 36(2) which vaguely states: “Parliament and the government of Canada are committed to the principle of making equalization payments to ensure that provincial governments have sufficient revenues to provide reasonably comparable levels of public services at reasonably comparable levels of taxation.”

The existence of equalization is nothing more than a vague concept, created initially to ensure provinces had equitable essential services for their residents. It was never intended to be a program that transferred wealth from one province to another, allowing the recipient province the ability to spend to their heart’s desire at the other’s expense. Now, that system is broken, and equalization is no longer equalizing.


From 2007-2018 Alberta made a net contribution of nearly $240 billion to the rest of Canada. On a tax base of 4.2 million people, that is over $57,000 per Albertan in a decade – more than many people’s annual salary.

Based on our young working population and strong resource economy, Alberta has some of the highest revenues per capita of anywhere in Canada. Yet once equalization transfers are paid out, our province is left with the second lowest per capita revenues of any province in Canada. Not only is equalization not equalizing, it is actually leaving our province poorer than nearly all others in Canada on a per capita basis.

In budget year 2019-20, Quebec ran a $32 million surplus – their sixth consecutive surplus since 2014 – while still being a net recipient of equalization. The program’s initial constitutional intent has deteriorated entirely, and equalization has become merely a wealth transfer rather than something that exists to guarantee essential services.

The formula by which equalization payments are calculated is complex, although not directly included in the Constitution. Equalization is calculated by subtracting a province’s “fiscal capacity” – its ability to raise revenues – from the national average fiscal capacity. There are strange intricacies, however. Natural resource revenues are accounted for at 50% in the formula. Yet if a province chooses to nationalize their resource industry, such as Quebec has done with their hydroelectricity, the revenues derived from those resources then become exempt from the calculation. This skews the formula against provinces who believe in self-determinant free market principles, in favour of provinces who do not – effectively punishing entrepreneurial spirit while rewarding irresponsible governance.

Further, as Danielle Smith recently pointed out, Quebec’s nationalized, subsidized, equalization, exempt hydroelectricity is charged to Quebec residents at just seven cents per kilowatt-hour, in stark contrast to the 23 cents per kilowatt-hour charged on their outward exports. If Quebec would merely charge a six cent per kilowatt hour increase, still well below the going market rate, with a dividend back to the government similar to Alberta’s oil and gas royalties they would generate nearly enough own source revenue to completely displace their need for Alberta’s equalization dollars.

Unfortunately, the only approach a province can take to alter the equalization formula or attempt to abolish the program altogether is to host a successful referendum against Section 36(2) which would force the federal government into, at minimum, negotiating. On October 18th, Alberta did just that.

Because equalization payments are distributed by the federal government with taxes collected from the provinces, and because equalization is enshrined in the Canadian Constitution, any alteration to the program is required to pass through the Senate, House of Commons, and two thirds of the Provincial Legislative Assemblies before coming into effect. The road to fairness for our province will be a long and challenging one, but as Albertans decided on their referendum ballots, it will be a worthwhile journey.

Alberta has remained a generous member of the Canadian federation through boom years and bust, but we cannot settle for being treated as second-class citizens in our own country any longer. The days of allowing other provinces to run multi- million surpluses with our money while simultaneously campaigning to shut down our industries and shut out our people must end.

On October 18th, Albertans spoke. Now, our government begins the work.

Miranda Rosin, MLA



John Barlow - MP




A Special Thank You

To the voters of Foothills, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for once again showing your confidence in me to be your voice in Parliament. I am truly honoured. An election is not won alone, and I am grateful to the dedicated and passionate volunteers who played an integral role on our team. Many of you spent countless hours contributing to the campaign and I sincerely thank each of you for your enthusiasm and commitment.

Thank you to my family, my wife Louise, who is my rock, without whose partnership, love and incredible support I wouldn’t be standing before you today. My beautiful children, who inspire me to work harder for your future, and the Canada I want to see for you. There is more work to do and my focus is on five key issues: unlocking the potential of our agriculture and energy sectors, which is imperative for our economic recovery; improving connectivity throughout Foothills; cracking down on rural crime while defending law-abiding firearms owners; ensuring small businesses have a competitive tax and regulatory regime; and fiscally responsible government.

Being in Opposition means we must work with other parties to advance important issues. We will continue to make a difference in a wide variety of areas for all Albertans, no matter who you voted for in the last election. We will continue to defend hard-working Albertans and demand our province is respected for our contributions to Canada and get its fair share of support and acknowledgement for our role in Confederation. My resolve to defend Alberta, our rights and freedoms, and strive for a strong and united Canada has only become stronger. My staff and I look forward to continuing to serve our communities and our residents. Our challenges are many, but I will remain steadfast each day working hard to earn your support, your trust and your confidence. As always, I appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement and consider it an honour to be your elected federal representative in the House of Commons.

John Barlow
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Blake Richards, MP

Blake Richards photo

First elected in 2008, Blake Richards was re-elected for a third time in the new ridingFirst elected in 2008, Blake Richards was re-elected for a third time in the new ridingof Banff-Airdrie on October 19, 2015.Blake serves as the Official Opposition Shadow Minister Democratic Institutionsand for Tourism.While serving on the government side of the House of Commons, Blake chaired twostanding policy committees and was Chair of the Parliamentary Tourism Caucus. Healso frequently represented the government in regional and national media.Always focused on the needs of his constituents, Blake has three times been namedCanada’s Best Constituency MP as well as Hardest Working MP, and in 2015received a Canadian Tourism Award for his work in Parliament on behalf of thetourism industry.


Constituency Contact Information

Airdrie Constituency Office


16-620 1st Avenue NW

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Phone Number: 403-948- 5103 or Toll Free at 1-800- 667-0410

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Parliament Hill Office

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House of Commons

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Community Office Hours

The first Thursday of every month at the following locations:

–      Canmore, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Civic Centre, located at 902-7 th Avenue

–      Banff, 12 noon to 1 p.m. at the Rundlestone Lodge, located at 537 Banff Avenue

–      Cochrane, 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Cochrane Dodge, located at 6 River Heights Drive


Rocky View Councillors

Division 1: 

Kevin Hanson


Elbow Valley, Springbank
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Boards & Committees

  • Bragg Creek FireSmart Committee - Chair
  • Calgary Metropolitan Region Board
  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Municipal Planning Commission – Chair
  • Recreation Governance Committee
  • Rocky View Foundation
  • Spray Lake Sawmills Recreation Parks Society
  • Springbank Park for All Seasons Agricultural Society




Thank You Division 1 Residents!

As I am writing this (thanks Lowell for slipping this in post-election) the results are official but I think I have a good margin of safety for the decisive direction Division 1 voters chose to take. I appreciate the confidence shown in not only my representation for Division 1 interests, but also in stewarding the County as whole in these times of great regional changes and challenges.

I also look forward to moving council towards a high-performance council built on a foundation of earned respect, and thoughtful listening – and am confident that with new members at the table will be able to approach more consensus policy solutions – as opposed to polarizing policies.

Listening to the Community

I promised to represent both “population bulges” at the opposite ends of Division 1 to the best of my abilities. Personally knocking on 90%+ of the doors in the greater Bragg Creek Area during campaigning has equipped me with the feedback I need to hit the ground running for residents new to me. I will continue to listen, and am exploring the best ways of communicating to help serve the Hamlet and greater Bragg Creek area.

Seniors Housing on Donated Land

As I discussed at the Community Centre town hall this is in the direct hands of the Rocky View Foundation. This non-profit organization’s vision statement is “To be the leading provider to seniors needing affordable, safe accommodations and services in the Rocky View region”, with a mission of “The Rocky View Foundation provides quality residential facilities for seniors in a supportive environment through innovative and progressive program service delivery.”

I had a chance this week to quickly delve further on the status of the Seniors Project in Bragg Creek. Rocky View County, along with Irricana, Beiseker, Crossfield, Airdrie, and Cochrane all support the Foundation as the best and most economical way to provide for affordable Seniors Housing in the County. All six municipalities have a seat on its Board, with Rocky View maintaining 2 seats due to our larger population. Board terms are 4-years and I intend to occupy one of those seats, if my Colleagues are agreeable at our Organizational Meeting.

The Foundation prepares its own annual operational and capital budgets, which are approved by its Board, and then each of the municipalities in the Foundation are assessed an annual contribution, based on those budget numbers, and the equalized assessment base of each municipality being the basis for the funding split. As such, Rocky View currently has the largest contribution, and you can see your share as a line item on your tax assessment. This is very transparent, mine is just under $50.00.

Prioritization of Seniors projects happens following board-set policy and processes, and final decisions are approved by the Board. Effective membership by Rocky View on the board is Bragg Creek’s best option for a timely solution in the Hamlet.

2nd Egress North of the River

Once sworn in, I will dig into moving this long standing issue forward. I know there is road construction underway on Tsuut’ina lands, and I will bring an update back to the community on this matter as soon as I have status information from administration reported back to Council on this matter.

Please e-mail me if you would like to be added to my contact list for e-mail and on-line communications – Kevin.Hanson@ or call 403.463.1166.


Kevin Hanson


Division 2 - Don Kochan


Division 2: Don Kochan
Mayor (2021-2023)
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Boards & Committees

  • Calgary Metropolitan Region Board - Alternate
  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Intermunicipal Committee - City of Calgary
  • Intermunicipal Committee - Cochrane
  • Municipal Planning Commission
  • Recreation Governance Committee