February 18th, 2018
 | Calgary, Alberta

Area Development

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Bingham Crossing Updates

Winter 2018

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Although work has not been entirely active on the site itself, a lot of work is underway behind the scenes with final approvals and designs. Since all infrastructure (including Water, wastewater, roadways, etc.) to the site is being constructed and financed by Bingham Crossing, many approvals are needed to start construction. Our engineering and design drawings have been completed for some time, including roadways, landscaping, water and drainage. We are currently working on final approvals with Rocky View County and expect to have these in place in the coming weeks. Pending these approvals, construction could start later this year. The anticipated opening date is late 2019/early 2020.


Seniors Housing
We are currently in the process or working through a detailed selection process for the best operator for the Seniors Community at Bingham Crossing. We hope to share details on the Seniors Community in the coming months, including the operator, facilities and registration. It is anticipated that the senior’s community will open along with the first phase of the retail component of the project.


Wastewater Treatment Plant
The Wastewater Treatment Plant design and Stripping and Grading Permit have been approved by Rocky View County and Alberta Environment. A Development Permit for the construction of the plant has been approved. The technology of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is state-of the art and adheres (if not exceeds) to all standards for the disinfection system, odour control system, treated wastewater storage and wastewater irrigation performance and groundwater and soil monitoring of the surrounding area.


Our approved Landscaping drawings include a Municipal reserve and pathway system that surrounds the property. Landscaping will take in to consideration accessibility and connectivity to pedestrian areas to the senior’s community, and the retail commercial area of the project. As part of the retail component, public art and a children’s play area will be placed in pedestrian areas to enhance the experience of Bingham Crossing.


The developers of Bingham Crossing will be developing and financing all transportation improvements for Bingham Crossing. As part of this plan, we will be creating an off ramp from Highway 1, traffic circles and the widening of Range Road 33 and Township Road 250. These road improvements will allow for easier and safer access to and from the site.


We are in the process of negotiating leases with many types of amenities that will add to the community. Grocery Stores, restaurants, medical uses, fashion and services are all in various phases of discussions and hope to announce names of these retailers soon. Any leasing inquiries can be directed to either Ron Renaud or Eve Renaud at 403-263- 4449.



We continue to welcome questions and comments from the community, and as always, remain available through email, phone, or one on one.



Ron Renaud Phone: 403-263-4449 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paul Douglas Phone: 403-265-6180 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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