October 13th, 2019
 | Calgary, Alberta

Important Community Details/Events!

Bark Mulch Depot
Bark Mulch Depot has moved operations to Commercial Court opposite Guarantee RV
Harmony Food Truck Friday
at the Harmony Discovery Center on October 25 from 5 to 8pm
Springbank Recycling Depot
The Springbank Recycling Depot has moved from it's old location at the Wild West Event Center to next to the new Bottle Depot at 120 Commercial Drive.  Expanded hours of access are Mon to Sat 9am to 5pm and Sun 10am to 4pm.
Mark5 Automotive
Please welcome this new Springbank business to 110 Commercial Drive - specializing in European autos and diesel engines, etc. Visit their home page ad to link to their website.

Springbank United Church
Family Movie Night and Halloween event on Oct 26 at the church.  Starts at 5pm with Hot Dogs etc - $5/family.


Springbank Community Association Updates

SCA logo August 2018


Your Community Association continues to work hard on behalf of the residents and businesses in the whole area. Further details are on the website at www.springbankcommunity.com, including upcoming programs and events.


Highway #1 and Highway #22 overpass

Major changes to this intersection are now in process - new ramps, lights, etc. so expect interruptions over the next few months.